Using PHP namespaces in WordPress plugins + creating an autoloader

I’ve been working on upgrading one of my WordPress plugins – Search & Filter for some time now, quite the overhaul you might say… When planning this update there were a bunch of things I knew I needed to implement. I won’t bore you with all the details, but two tasks I wanted to tick […]

Update: Custom Layouts 1.3.0

This one is a bit of a special release. While previous versions have mostly revolved around improving the admin UI and workflow, this release aims to add features that open up a ton of options for creating dynamic templates. The driving force behind all this you (didn’t) ask? New template elements 1. Custom Field This […]

A Gutenberg MultiSelect component

This is a little adaptation of the FormTokenField found in Gutenberg core. Working on the Custom Layouts plugin, I needed a multiselect for it’s layout block and editor options. There are some cool controls already in Gutenberg for selecting a page, or choosing tags, but they are not actual multiselect – that is, a set […]

Creating the Custom Layouts plugin

So I thought I’d write a post about a project I’ve been working on, a new plugin – Custom Layouts. The plugin offers some familiar features that you’ve seen before, packaged in themes or available in a myriad of plugins free and paid for.. that is:

The ability to display posts or products, in a list or grid…

Interacting with Gutenberg’s RichText Component

…by inserting a shortcode (using a button). As of the latest WordPress update we all now know about the Gutenberg editor, and whether you love or hate it, it’s here to stay. But, as it’s so new, it means the APIs are still being worked on – which (naturally) means some things are just not […]

Designs & Code will be no more… Long live Code Amp

I thought I’d kick off the site with this quick post. A bit of info on what is going on around Designs & Code and Code Amp (short version: we’ve changed name). Essentially, Designs & Code was supposed to be the digital home of the 2 WordPress Plugins I develop. Over time things have changed, one […]