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Designs & Code will be no more… Long live Code Amp

I thought I’d kick off the site with this quick post.

A bit of info on what is going on around Designs & Code and Code Amp (short version: we’ve changed name).

Essentially, Designs & Code was supposed to be the digital home of the 2 WordPress Plugins I develop.

Over time things have changed, one of the plugins has it’s own website now –, and the other will shortly follow.

In tandem, while we’ve grown and given our plugins their own homes, I’ve also formed a UK Limited company to handle the business end of our Pro plugins – Code Amp.

In lieu of the above, Designs & Code will be retired, and rather than have a boring company profile / website here I thought I’d do what I’ve wanted to do for some time – start a tech blog based around coding and WordPress.

…and there you have it, straight forward really – and just to clarify, nothing else has changed behind the scenes – its still me, Ross, running the shop.

That’s all for now, my next post on Gutenberg and Blocks is following shortly.

Over and out.